“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want. And if they don’t find them, they make them. “

– George Bernard Shaw

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        Brendan Alan Barrett


In 2014 I became a father and my whole world changed.

I was a young ambitious professional, but I was still trying to figure out how people get ahead in life. I was working hard, putting in ungodly hours, and betting on myself in every way I could think of. I was doing everything I could image of to better my position in life, but I felt like I was just stabbing blindly at opportunities in the dark.

In the few years since I had graduated from college, what career progress I had made was slow. Since I had moved from California to Arizona I had grown my territory as a salesperson from $600,000 in annual revenue to over $2,500,000 a year, but even with the increased income that generated, I still had student loans and medical bills sucking my bank account dry.

I’ve always been a firm believer that I am the biggest single factor in any success or failure I encountered, and always clung to the phrase, ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!’

And, when my son was born I was struck by the fact that being the kind of father I wanted to be would be time consuming. With only so many hours in a day I knew that the extra time and effort I’d been using to compensate for my lack of experience at work no longer belonged to me. That time now belonged to my family.

Beginning this new chapter of my life was exciting, but it meant I had to make some adjustments. I had to find more efficient ways to grow professionally and advance my career.

In looking back over my proudest moments and achievements in life, school, and work I took inventory of the behaviors that allowed me to reach those accomplishments. The one idea that reoccurred over and over was the concept of leveraging the best-practices of those who had been successful before me.

Somehow I’d lost that habit along the way and found myself in a rut, thinking I knew all the best-practices already, and that it was on me improve upon the examples I’d already observed. I’d come to believe that there was no more outside information that would be of use to me. I had come to rely solely on a single tool for my professional development: trial-and-error.

While there is a great deal to be said for hands-on experience and learning by doing, the road to success is even longer and more frustrating than it has to be if trial-and-error is your only source of input. You need more than dumb luck and your own perspective to grow rapidly as a professional.

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes.

The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

- Otto von Bismarck 

I’d been kidding myself.

From that realization I began to shift my focus from what could be learned through my own experience to what could be learned from the experience of people who rose to success before me.

I became a voracious reader, started to attend not just networking events but events geared towards learning new skills. Through attending events and consuming all kinds of content I began to pool the knowledge of people like Dave Ramsey, Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban, Tim Ferris, Josh Kaufman, Seth Godin, Joe Pulizzi, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Hal Elrod, and the list goes on.

Through becoming a student again – having left school only a few short year before – I began to discover all kind so simple solutions to my problems and opportunities for even more growth.

By Becoming a Student Again:

  • I found ways to pay off $20K of student loans and medical bills without making any more money
  • I found ways to work less and spend more time with my family
  • I found ways to take better care of myself without slowing my career progress
  • I found was to accelerate progress towards my career goals
  • I found ways to prevent the burn out I had almost succumb to earlier in my career

In my FREE Guide, 4 Steps to a More Fulfilling and Successful Career, I'll walk you through the very same steps that I took to:

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  2. Rid myself of career crippling student loan payments and medical bills in less than 12 months
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With a FREE copy of 4 Steps to a More Fulfilling and Successful Career you will learn to:

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  3. Create a professional development plan that will really work
  4. Achieve greater levels of career success and fulfillment through purposeful professional growth
Sales Coaching

Brendan Alan Barrett lives with his family in Phoenix, Arizona where he has established himself as a top sales performer and continues to advance the mission of www.StartInPhx.com.

Brendan Alan Barrett is a top sales producer who has generated millions of dollars in revenue.

In addition to running his own sales organization in the civil engineering and construction industry, Brendan provides coaching and consulting to sales teams and business owners. His practice focuses on identifying and prioritizing prospects they can be turned into sales quickly.

In doing so, Brendan helps his clients to generate revenue and customer testimonials that fuel more scalable and less labor intensive business development efforts for year-over-year growth.

Brendan’s first book, READ WRITE DO Professional Development and Career Success Playbook, as well as www.StartInPhx.com are dedicated to the mission of career success without student debt.

While originally from the Chicagoland area, Brendan started his sales and marketing career in Southern California before relocating to Arizona.