006: How To Handle Massive Debt, The Sales Process, And Your Child’s Future With Finances And Budgeting

Have you struggled with debt? Have you struggled with sales? Do you want your kids more involved and prepared for their own financial futures?

All of these struggles and more are addressed in this conversation with Aja McClanahan: a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur.



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From +$120K to Financial Freedom


Interview Highlights:

[5:40] How To Pay Off Massive Debt, Have An Early Retirement, And Have Financial Freedom

[12:04] How Selling and the Sales Process Is A Valuable Tool For Gaining Clients

[18:50] Tips To Help Potential Clients Feel More Comfortable Working With you

[22:00] Why It’s Important To Make Your Business A Family Affair In As Many Ways As Possible

[27:02] How To Introduce Your Kids To the World Of Finances and Budgeting

[33: 25] How To Manage the Chaos Of Finances In Your Business and Personal Life

[36:35] How To Stay True To Your Personal Values Through Entrepreneurship Without Sacrificing Essential Family Time


More About Aja McClanahan:

Aja McClanahan is a writer who blogs regularly at Principles of Increase and other online publications about personal finance, entrepreneurship, travel and general lifestyle topics.

Aja and her family climbed out of over $120,000 in debt and are TOTALLY DEBT FREE!

In the process, they grew so much. They had to make crazy sacrifices (their claim to fame is that we moved to the hood to free up money and pay off debt.) Aja even started a business that grew to six figures in order to accelerate the debt pay-off process. Her family is now focused on building wealth so that they can settle into early retirement.

Learn More at PrinciplesOfIncrease.com


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