008: How To Achieve The Success You Desire And Help Your Kids Do The Same

Success is a difficult thing to achieve, and it is a difficult thing to teach your kids.

Andrew McDonald, a self-made author, speaker, and coach who has a passion to leave the world better than he found it, has found the way to gear your thoughts to the success you desire in life. Listen to hear what he has done to create his own success, a successful family, and how he is teaching his children to create the same success.



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Achieve Success For You and Your Kids


Interview Highlights:

[9:20] What Does Success Look Like, And What Does It Mean To Possess It?

[15:20] Find Out What Steps To Take To Start On The Path To Success

[28:55] How To Make The Time To Spend With Loved Ones Without Sacrificing Time With Your Business

[39:00] Tips To Prepare Your Kids To Succeed In The Real World And Thrive

[44:45] How To Be There For Your Kids When Work Demands The Majority Of Your Time And Attention

[52:20] How To Stay Focused When You Don’t Have A Manager To Keep You On Track


More About Andrew McDonald:

Andrew is a self-made speaker, author, and coach whose passion is to leave the world better than he found it. He enriches lives through motivational speaking, blogging, coaching, and his self-help book, Possess Your Success: Mastering the Limitless Success Method.

Growing up, he has experienced it all from living a comfortable, middle-class life to providing food on the table and financial means for the family, and everything in-between. This unique perspective leaves him with a relatable, genuine story he draws from to inspire others to succeed.

He has always aspired after success, but over time Andrew realized that if he was to be truly successful in his life goals, he must take the spotlight off himself and share his success with the world.

Learn More at PossessYourSuccess.com



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