010: Learn The Importance Of Time Management And Attracting The Right People To Your Culture

Have you had trouble hiring the right people for your business? Have you needed help but don’t have the money necessary to afford it?

Phil MacNevin has been able to gain the independence and freedom all entrepreneurs strive for, and he has been able to hire the right people for him to help his time management, all without giving up that precious family time.

Phil has over 16 years of combined experience in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and many other professions; he has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, and he has many tips and tricks that are a great help to any entrepreneur.



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Attracting The Right People To Your Team


Interview Highlights:

[9:18] Tips For Branching Out On Your Own To Have More Independence And Freedom

[15:10] How To Learn From Your Mistakes To Hire The Right People

[21:00] How To Attract The Right People To Your Culture

[31:00] The Secrets To Get The Help You Need Without Spending More Money Than You Have

[35:00] Tips To Time Management That Will Give You The Time Necessary To Advance Your Business

[41:58] How To Devote Yourself To Your Business Without Sacrificing Necessary Family Time


More About Phil MacNevin:

Phil has over 16 years of combined experience in design, digital marketing, entrepreneurship training, and leadership. He has worked with top influencers like Eben Pagan, Jordan Belfort, Christian Mickelsen and many others.

Phil has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs how to create products that people want to buy, how to grow their businesses to 6 figures and beyond, as well as how to create lifestyles that they truly enjoy.

Phil now runs a successful digital marketing agency focused on optimizing conversion funnels for authors, speakers, coaches and info product marketers.

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