011: How To Drive Sales With Video And Embrace An Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Using video in your business can be daunting. It is difficult at first to overcome a lack of confidence when viewing yourself on video.

Bobby Donohue, a trainer and coach on the use of videos for business, has overcome these obstacles and his business is better off as a result. Listen to find out what he has done to incorporate video in his business and embrace an entrepreneur lifestyle.


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Driving Sales With Video And Embracing An Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Interview Highlights:

[4:20] How To Escape Corporate America And Work From Home

[7:10] How To Incorporate Necessary Quality Time With Loved Ones When Work Commands All Your Energy

[16:24] Tips To Acquire Sources For New Clients As You’re Starting Out Online

[29:42] How To Customize Your Sales Processes For The Different Services You Provide

[36:58] Tips And Tricks To Function In Front Of A Camera

[41:58] The Secrets To Driving Traffic To Online Videos

[50:58] How To Make The Jump To Entrepreneurship Without Sacrificing Stability And Income


More About Bobby Donohue:

Once upon a time, two young kids got married and had the crazy idea to both quit Corporate America, start a web design business, work from home so they could raise their kids together, and design lives of purpose.

They’ve never shied away from a crazy idea, because the only thing that really matters in this life is being happy.

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