016: How To Build Lives And Businesses Around Things You’re Passionate About

Have you struggled with incorporating your passions in your life and business? Have you struggled with finding that necessary time for your family while being an entrepreneur?

Paul Higgins, an entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Build Live Give, has been able to be passionate about what he’s doing, and he has found the way to truly be a family first seller. Listen to hear what he has to say!



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Mastering The Family First Seller Lifestyle

Interview Highlights:

[6:30] How To Build Lives And Businesses Around Things You’re Passionate About

[11:55] How To Truly Be There For Your Kids Without Sacrificing Time To Work

[19:50] Tips To Set Aside Necessary Family Time With A Stressful Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

[28:35] How To Talk To Your Significant Other About Finances Whether You’re An Entrepreneur Or Not

[32:35] How To Talk To Your Kids About Finances And Help Them To Be Independent

[46:35] How To Know Whether To Outsource Something Or Figure It Out Yourself

More About Paul Higgins:

From Corporate Exec. to Small Business Success

Paul Higgins is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and founder of the Build Live Give.

Paul helps ex-corporate/career people how to build a business they love, live a great life, and give back to a cause they care about.

Learn More at BuildLiveGive.com!

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