018: How To Thrive As An Entrepreneur While Still Keeping Your Family First

Becoming self-employed, especially after working in the corporate world, can be challenging. Helping your kids through financial milestones is definitely challenging.

Tyson Hollas has been able to make the transition to self-employment, and he has kept a strong bond with his children throughout it all. He has much insight, so check it out!


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Being An Entrepreneur While Keeping Your Family First

[11:50] How To Survive In The World Of Self-Employment

[21:50] Tips And Tools To Help Keep You And Your Significant Other On The Same Page With Finances

[38:20] How The Conversation Changes As Your Kids Get Older And How You Can Adapt

[54:10] How To Be A Seller Without Forgetting About Family Obligations

More About Tyson Hollas:

Tyson Hollas worked for 20 years architecting and implementing supply chain and manufacturing systems as well as the analytics to drive those systems.

After working his way into senior leadership he found that the game is played differently and was fired. Using the force removal from his position as a change catalyst Tyson started his own company and today consults companies on sales and marketing funnels to sell products and generate leads.

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