021: Stop Hiring Bad Salespeople, A Fail Proof Hiring Process – Pat Helmers

Have you had trouble with hiring the right salespeople? Have you had difficulty with devoting the right amount of time to family and coworkers?

Pat Helmers, a business consultant and the host of the Sales Babble podcast, has been able to hire the right people for his business, and he inspires many people to be who they are meant to be.


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Hiring The Right People For Your Business

Interview Highlights:

[10:12] How To Speak In The Language Of Those You Want To Sell To

[18:30] Learn When The Appropriate Time Is To Start Adding People To Your Team And How To Find The Right People

[28:48] Feeling Desperate To Meet Every Client? Find Out How To Filter To Get The People You Want And Need

[34:44] How Developing Relationships Contribute To The Business Model Surrounding Recurring Revenue

[43:40] How A Business Owner Should Structure Offers Without Spending Too Much Money

[55:56] How To Inspire Young People So They Can Live The Lives They Are Meant To Live

More About Pat Helmers:

Pat Helmers is a business consultant.

He helps businesses:
– Find prospects that ache for their products,
– Convert those prospects into clients,
– Scale up that process for phenomenal growth.

He is also the host a podcast called Sales Babble. A shoe that shares selling secrets for non-sellers.

Especially on the topics of:

– Lead generation,
– Business development,
– Closing,
– Hiring
– Developing and managing sales professionals.

Learn More at SalesBabble.com!

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