022: Stop Apologizing, It’s Killing Your Sales Pipeline – Rex Biberston, Startup Sales Professor

Find yourself apologizing to prospects?

Afraid of being labeled a “Slime-ball salesperson?”

Selling is an ancient and noble profession. Selling is not the problem. Being sold is the problem.

STOP apologizing!

Rex Biberston can tell you why.

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Lessons On Keeping Up Your Sale Pipeline

Interview Highlights:

[6:33] How To Be Set Apart From The Rest In A Sales Profession

[9:54] Learn The Importance Of Having A Positive Experience And How It Influences Salespeople

[13:00] Companies Launching New Products Hire The Wrong Kind of Salespeople, Don’t Be a Statistic

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[15:56] Find Out What Sales Enablement Should Aspire To Be

[22:00] Hear What Skills And Tricks Can Be Learned From Door To Door Sales

[23:28] Where To Start, And How To Prioritize Your Time Without Overworking Yourself

[28:16] How To Generate Opportunities And Stay Flexible Without Giving Up Important Quality Family Time

[36:08] How To Get Your Emails Responded To While Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

[42:14] How To Sell To People Who Don’t Like Being Sold

[49:36] How To Turn A Personal Conversation Towards Your Business And Sales Without Upsetting Anyone

More About Rex Biberston:

Rex helps align product and company messaging to sales copy. He tests sales strategies, hires, onboards, and coaches salespeople.

In short, he drives major pipeline growth.

Learn More at RexB.co!

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