024 – From $30k a Year to Selling $30k a Day Using One Sales Hack

The One Sales Hack
That Will Change Your World


Are you creating your own opportunity?

Vincent did.

He did it to the tune of $30k in one day. Listen in to hear what he has to say and how you can create more opportunities of your own!

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Lessons On Using Your Skills The Right Way

Interview Highlights:

[7:55] Sick Of What You’re Being Paid? Learn How To Use Your Skills The Right Way

[15:00] Move Your Local Business to a New Market Move Without a Dip in Sales

[22:00] Tips And Tricks To Grow Your Sales While Staying Committed To Your Passions

[26:00] The Sales Hacks That Took Vincent From $30k a Year to Selling $30k a Day

[38:08] Increase The Number of People Investing In You Without Sacrificing Genuine Relationships

[41:10] How To Act On What You’re Grateful For

More About Vincent Pugliese:

Vincent has a knack for building relationships.

He’s so good in this department that he moved his photography business to a new state and replaced his previous book of business without missing a beat.

Relationship building is also responsible for his $30k in sales the day his very first ecourse launched.

Most recently, relationships landed Vincent a publishing deal for his very first book with the very first publishing house he pitched to.

In today’s interview we’re going to unpack exactly how he manages to produce such huge results by simply being a great guy.

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