026 – The Fail Proof Referral Attraction System

Expert Level Networking Hacks

Produce an Endless Stream of New Business by Referral


Wanting to start a new business?

Having trouble incorporating family?

Azul Terronez has been able to work his way to the top while also living a life that includes plenty of time with his kids and significant other. Listen in to hear how his networking tips and tricks can help you do the same!


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Increase The Efficiency Of Your Sales Processes

Interview Highlights:

[4:00] How To Do Something New When You Don’t Know Where To Start Or You Don’t Have Much Time

[9:25] Tips For Introducing Your Kids To The World Of Entrepreneurship

[13:05] The Steps To Building A Business Focused On Your Interest

[25:40] How To Escape The Corporate World Without Giving Up Security And Income

[27:20] How To Get Past Friction With A Significant Other Without Giving Up Vital Communication

[35:55] Tips For Driving Revenue To Different Revenue Streams

[38:20] Expert Level Networking Hacks You Can Use to Produce an Endless Stream of New Business by Referral

[48:15] How To Serve Your Audience Without Needing A Huge Business Or Audience

More About Azul Terronez:

Azul Terronez is an book coach, educator, TEDx speaker and the author of of the best selling book The Art of Apprenticeship: How to Hack Your Way into Any Industry, Land a Kick-Ass Mentor and Make a Killing Doing What You Love. He is the Co-Founder of Authors Writing Academy and coaches authors like Pat Flynn (Will It Fly?), Jon Vroman (The Front Row Factor), and Dana Malstaff (Confessions of a Boss Mom).

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