028 – Generate More Sales Leads With Publicity – Christine McAlister

Simple Steps for Getting Featured

In Publications Your Buyers Already Love


Got kids? Got a business?

Would getting press make growing both easier?

You bet!

AND – Christine McAlister can answer all your questions about how to get featured in publications that feed you highly qualified sales leads!

This is an interview you don’t want to miss!

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Using Publicity To Grow Your Business

Interview Highlights:

[6:44] How To Keep Multiple Income Streams Running Without Giving Up Your Main Focus

[8:26] Tips On Being An Entrepreneur While Your Significant Other Is More Nine To Five

[17:08] Learn The Importance Of Publicity In Your Business

[21:06] How To Win The Press You Need

[28:44] Approaching The People You Need The Right Way

[34:40] How To Show Up Once You Have The Interview Or You’re Writing The Blog Post

[38:16] What To Do Once You’ve Showed up And Engaged In The Conversation

[42:42] How To Promote Content After You Get Featured

[45:18] How To Maximize Lead Generation And List Subscribers Through The Press That You Win

More About Christine McAlister:

She’s a business + success coach and expert on turning tragedy into triumph. Her company, Life With Passion, helps high-achieving, motivated women to create successful freedom-based businesses they love.

Learn More at LifeWithPassion.com!

Also, check out LifeWithPassion.com/Start for the top five ways to get your first (or next) client!

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