029 – When, Where, and How to Work With Family Without Losing Your Sanity – Tony Banta

Ever worked for your parents’ business?

Good experience or not so good?

Tony Banta has! Listen to hear his tips on working with family.


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Navigating Family And Business

Interview Highlights:

[7:38] How To Truly Make A Company Succeed

[10:52] How To Avoid Your Business Falling Apart After Ownership Steps Out Of Actively Selling

[19:16] How To Create An Environment For Your Kids With Lots Of Opportunity And Teach Them The Value Of Hard Work

[23:10] Learn How To Handle The Biggest Challenge Of Working With Family

[25:42] How To Get On The Same Page With Partners In Your Business

[29:10] How To Care Enough To Put Yourself Into A Business And Make It Grow Without It Being The Undoing Of The Business Or The Family

[35:16] When Is It Appropriate To Work With Family?

[41:32] How To Make The Transition To Marketing, Sales, And Building A Business For Yourself

[48:40] How To Find And Qualify Opportunities, And Learn About Possible Milestones For The Sales Process

More About Tony Banta:

Tony came up in a family business, helped close a family business, and now he’s marring the love of his life who splits her time between her own family’s business and working with Tony.

As an innovation consultant Tony helps small business owners thrive in changing times. Beginning his career as a self-taught software developer, Tony quickly realizing that the best code could never solve broader leadership issues within organizations.

Today Tony works exclusively with small business owners to help them implement the tools and tactics to continually stay ahead of shifts in technology, our economy and culture.

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