032 – Momprenuer Cashes In Using This One Marketing Tactic – Tammy Rodgers

Mom Cashes In Using a Tactic
No Digital Marketing Guru
Will Acknowledge as a Good Idea

Do you have a unique vision?

Do you want your work to be something you love and enjoy?

Tammy Rodgers has created a life and business around what she loves to do, even though she might have gone about it in a unique way. Listen to see how she can help you.


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Interview Highlights:

[4:00] How To Make Risks Pay Off And Minimize Overhead

[9:30] How To Become Bigger Than Just Yourself

[12:50] How To Achieve Entrepreneurial Success Without Putting Your Kids In Daycare

[19:10] The Best Marketing Strategy To Get Out Of  A Bad Financial Situation

[31:30] Learn What Is The Most Important When Working With People Closely

[37:15] How To Make A Good Income, Have A Good Relationship With Your Kids, And Not Be A Stay At Home Mom

[48:00] Keeping Your Family Involved In The Business, And Getting Rid Of The Fear

More About Tammy Rodgers:

Tammy Rodgers decided to incorporate her son’s acting career (Jake’s Corner) with her daughters modeling career (print ads) and her the love for her pets.

Mix all of these things together and you get something rather unique – Puparazzi (pup -a- ra – zzi). For Tammy this truly is a blend of everything she loves and cares about, wrapped up in a dream and a vision that she looks forward to sharing with you and your pet star.

Learn More at PuparazziMobile.com!

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