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Jason Reiman is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, IRS Enrolled Agent, and owner of Get Financially Fit! With 12 years of experience working in law and finance, Jason describes himself as a “money nerd.”

Years ago, as a United States airman with a young family Jason tried to do right by his loved ones. He started by working to pay down their outstanding debt and setting the stage for their long-term financial wellbeing. In doing so he was inundated with solicitations for financial and insurance products he didn’t understand. As it turns out, most of the products he was being pitched his family didn’t really need.

Frustrated with the lack of sound financial advice available when he began his journey with personal finance, Jason decided he could help fill the gap in an industry fit for disruption.

Today Jason helps people get their finances in order. From helping individuals and families to stay on top of their taxes to providing guidance on budgeting and financial planning, Jason has dedicated his career to helping people get financially fit.

Having met the challenge of paying off his family’s debt, Jason knows the importance of life-balance and fun while on the journey to correct financial indiscretions or achieve financial independence. And, as a United States Airforce veteran Jason has a special aptitude for working with the military members, veterans, and widows that make up a large portion of his client base.

In an effort to help people help themselves become debt free and build wealth – even if they don’t think they make enough money to do so – Jason will soon be launching his first online course, 90 Days to Financial Fitness.

You can get more details on Jason’s 90 Days to Financial Fitness course by visiting: http://getfinfit.com/90dayff/


Career Success Q&A


What do you like most about your job?

Meeting new people and helping them understand and become comfortable with otherwise complex topics and situations about money and taxes.


What kind of experience did you have before you began your role?

I enlisted in the United States Air Force in 2003 with a goal of becoming a military pilot.

I wound up with the opportunity to compete for and get selected to serve in the JAG Corps. as a paralegal. During my time on active duty I worked through my personal financial situation, and was solicited by multiple sales people for insurance/financial products I did not need.

I ultimately found myself frustrated with the lack of sound and respected financial advice available to me and decided that I could help fill the need for others.


Do you have a mission statement or a guiding philosophy for your career?

Always be transparent, always work in my clients’ best interests, always provide significant value, and keep in mind that I’m always learning!


What excites you most about your career right now?

People are typically afraid of money and would rather not talk about it. Usually this results from a lack of strategy rather than it is a lack of income or financial resources.

Recently, I had been working with a client who returned after only a few weeks of using the techniques I teach and he said, “I feel like I got a raise … but I didn’t”.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about how my work has been inspiring people to live a life more directed toward freedom and happiness. That’s just awesome to hear!


What excites you about the future of your career?

The financial services industry is still relatively new and changing for the better rather rapidly.

Unlike previous decades, financial planning is available to pretty much anyone who desires it.

I’m excited because technology has helped to demystify the investment management realm of things and has really challenged financial professionals to focus on what matters most. That is, focus on clients’ needs, and helping them to really achieve their goals and establish freedom.


Are you an avid reader?

Yes! I love to read!

Recently, I’ve fine-tuned my reading habit and read at least 10-15 minutes every morning.


What book would you recommend to other people trying to improve themselves professionally?

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This book has been a total game changer for me! It hit me like a ton of bricks – opening my eyes to simple corrections I could make, and a strong strategy for daily success that is not overwhelming.


Is there another type of media you regularly consume as a means of continuing your professional education?

As a financial professional, I’m required to maintain a level of continuing education. I will attend professional seminars and conferences for this purpose. I also love to read blogs and listen to podcasts. I’m a big fan of the traditional print magazine, SUCCESS. I also really enjoy most of NPR’s programming while in the car.

I really enjoy Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income and John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur On Fire podcasts. I also listen to NPR Ted Talk Radio Hour and a number of others.

When it comes to blogs, I don’t really have a particular favorite. I read as things come through my email or that I find via social media.


Do you have a regular routine you follow as a conscious way of ensuring you’re always improving yourself professionally?

 Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning Life SAVERS process: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing. 10 minutes each, every morning, except exercise which I usually do 45-60 minutes 4-5 days per week.


What is the best career advice you ever received?

Never give up.


Who are your most influential mentors and why do you admire them?

Jim Rohn. His words live on… so many quotes of his are fantastic.

Darren Hardy. He just seems real and always inspiring.


Would you consider yourself a goal-setter? Do you regularly commit your goals to writing?

Yes, and yes.


Has there been a specific method of goal setting that has contributed to your career successes?

Lately, as I mentioned, Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning process has been fantastic. My goals are sort of intertwined into my daily self-affirmation, visualization, and journaling processes.


What are a few of your short-term and long-term career goals?

Short-term: A successful launch of a course I’m working on entitled, 90 Days to Financial Fitness.

Long-term: I know it’s cliché, but to help and improve the lives of as many people as possible.


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced over the course of your career?

My biggest challenge has been personal – the failure of my marriage.

Specifically, the years leading up to and ultimately ending in divorce. That definitely had a rather drastic and long-lasting negative effect on my career. But, I’m better now.


How did you overcome this challenge?

I resolved to simply never give up on my dreams in business or otherwise – no matter how difficult things get.


What is a professional challenge you’re still looking for a solutions to?

I often feel as if I’m simply a small piece of sand on the seashore or a molecule of water in the ocean. I find it difficult to consistently attract interested people to all I have to offer.

I know my weaknesses are marketing and sales. I have a bleeding heart personality. It took me years to really grasp that to be in business, I actually need to make money.

I haven’t devoted full-time effort to my business on a consistent basis. I work with a small number of [my own] clients. The bulk of my work, efforts, and time is spent working in the industry, but as an employee.

Specifically, I often work full-time under a government contract, providing financial counseling to military members/families.


Do you now or have you ever had a journaling practice? Has writing or journaling had an impact your life or career?

Yes! Life and career. Journaling was a huge factor that kept me sane through divorce. I now use journaling daily to ensure I become the best I can be.

Over the years, I’ve kept a journal in different ways. When leading up to and throughout my divorce, I journaled more about the past than the future.

Currently, I do use a particular method, but more in how I approach the journaling session rather than what actually goes down on the page. Each morning I fill one single-side page of my journal. I start with “Today, I am grateful for,” and then I sort of write freely.

I usually include something I learned recently, or just that morning during my reading time. I end up on a positive note – something that gives me an extra boost of motivation to get on with the day.


Are you currently working on any projects readers should be aware of?

Over the years, I’ve developed an awesome method to help people track and manage their day-to-day finances. It cuts out a lot of – if not all – the confusion and frustration surrounding the subject. I teach people mindful money motivation and I’ve developed a course that supplements the journey.

[You can learn more about Jason’s upcoming course, 90 Days to Financial Fitness by visiting: http://getfinfit.com/90dayff/]


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What is the best way for people to connect with you?

To Book Jason as a Speaker:  http://jasonreiman.com

Sign-up for the Trash the Budget Webinar: http://trashthebudget.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008674000445

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonreiman

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasonwreiman

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