005: Adapt Your Circumstance and Situation To Fit A Desired Lifestyle

Do you want to spend more time with your loved ones and not have to sacrifice work and income to do it?

Are you worried about the dreaded “finances” talk?

Pete McPherson shares what he has done to make the money necessary to achieve the standard of living he wants, and how he and his significant other stay connected and keep their finances honest and open. Pete is a man with many trades, he has two kids, and is an active blogger. He has much financial experience, and that is evident in how he explains his financial success.



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Create The Life You Want


Interview Highlights:

[5:00] How To Adapt To Your Circumstances and Your Situation To Fit Your Desired Lifestyle

[8:25] What Value Can You Add To A Community You’re Passionate About and Connected To?

[15:25] How To Be A Parent Without Sacrificing Productivity

[19:10] The Secrets To Preventing Burnout: Tools And Techniques

[28:00] Tips To Have Much-Needed Quality Time With Your Spouse Without Sacrificing Work

[36:00] How To Set A Budget And Talk Finance With Your Significant Other To Keep Financial Stress At Bay

[45:00] Find Out What Some Of The Biggest Concerns Are For A Family First Seller, And How To Avoid Them


More About Pete McPherson:

Pete is a generalist of the highest order. A musician, blogger, entrepreneur, accountant, web developer, marketer, videographer, consultant…and one heck of a Star Wars fan. He is currently busy dadding 2 young kids and husbanding…as well as running a small-town marketing agency and blogging at DoYouEvenBlog.

Learn More at DoYouEvenBlog.com


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