Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money with Online Video

Beyond Viral

How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money with Online Video


Quick to proclaim viral video dead in Beyond Viral, Kevin H. Nalty speaks from the perspective of a seasoned marketer who has also drawn substantial views to his online videos. As a YouTube Partner Nalty, known as Naltz on YouTube, earns an income from the advertising revenue generated by the videos he uploads to the site.

In addition to his work as content creator for YouTube, Nalty continues to work as a marketing consultant, keynote speakers, producer of branded online video campaigns, and author.

Beyond Viral was published in 2010 so some of the references are a bit dated because of the rapid evolution of online video. Similarly, some of the online tools Nalty suggests in Beyond Viral have been replaced or discontinued since the book was written.

However, many of the best practices for using online video in marketing Nalty discusses in his book still apply and are the reason the industry architypes he uses as examples are still leading players in the online video space today.

Written in a format that give readers what they want to know about making viral video, Beyond Viral also tells them what they really need to know. Nalty’s greatest service to readers is holding firm in his belief that creating video with the goal of viral reach is a long-shot for marketers.

Nalty’s experience shows readers that partnering with content creators, in combination with tactful and tasteful advertising, is a much more productive way to use a marketing budget than a company trying to create their own branded video content.


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