[PODCAST] Dialing in on Your Business Plan | Identifying What to Do and Who to Do It For

Creating a Plan For Your Business

Whether you’re just stating out or you’re looking to add a new offering to your already thriving business, you have to ask yourself (1) ‘What should I do?’ and (2) ‘Who should I do it for?’

In fact – These are the questions explored in days #2 and #3 of the DOUBLE MY REVENUE 7-Day Sales Challenge.

The conversation around these two questions is equal parts the validation of business ideas and deciding which ideas are even worth taking the time and effort to explore.


If you’re asking yourself questions like, ‘What should I do?’ and ‘Who should I do it for?’ you should follow these two steps:


STEP #1: Accept the challenge to focus on closing increasingly larger sales, rather then pulling your hair out over attempts to close nickle-and-dime deals to customers you’ll never be able to please.

You can accept the challenge by registering for the the DOUBLE MY REVENUE 7-Day Sales Challenge.This thing is part seven-day sales challenge and part mini-course send to you via daily emails over the duration of a week. It is supplemented with audio and video content, as well as a printable workbook to help you master the material regardless of how you learn best.


(Psst… If you’re stuck in the ‘I can’t possibly charge more for the thing I sell!” mindset, you need this more than anyone.)


Re-framing the way you think about selling and maybe even the offers you bring to market – so that you bring more revenue in with every customer you sell to – is the only way you’ll achieve your ambitious business goals.


Click HERE to accept the DOUBLE MY REVENUE 7-Day Sales Challenge. Start closing bigger sales today!



STEP #2: Click below to listen an episode of Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Show podcast in which Nick and I coach David Hutcherson.


David was looking for help on how to grow a consulting business upon his decade of experience in customer service.


In the same way Nick and I help David, this conversation will give you a practical example of how to explore your own options of what to sell and who to sell it to based on where your business is today, how you got to where you are, and where you’d like to go moving forward.





Listen to the full interview…

What to Do, Who to Do It For, and How to Find The People You Can Serve


Interview Highlights:

[9:12] How to Find Referrals and the Conversation Process

[11:18] Engineering Referrals and Recreating Results

[14:25] Identifying Qualified Leads

[17:15] How to Avoid Pigeonholing Yourself Before You Analyze Your Client’s Needs

[21:02] Writing Your First Cold Email to a Prospect Without Being Pushy

[22:43] Position Yourself for Regular Recurring Income

[27:22] How to Win Permission to Sell While Conducting Market Research


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