Guest Blogging and Becoming a Contributor


Why Contribute to StartInPhx?

The intention of StartInPhx is to be a community devoted to fostering professional development and career success among our audience and our contributors. By guest blogging you become a member of that community.  Our community culture encourages members to support each other in all their endeavors, not just the work they contribute to StartInPhx.

In internet terms, that means we will cross promote your content published through StartInPhx and elsewhere to our readers and through our contributor network using backlinks, social media, and our mailing lists.


What Are We Looking For?

Our mission at StartInPhx is to provide meaningful professional development resources to people in the early stages of their career, including but not limited to the fields of sales, marketing, finance, technology, healthcare, engineering, management, journalism, design, and education.


The Answer to Questions Like…

What does a day in the life of a person in career field ‘X’ look like?

What makes a person in this field successful?

What part of their work gives this person the greatest amount of fulfillment?

How can a newcomer learn the skills necessary to being a top-performer in their field?

How did a professional, early in their career, achieved a particular accolade so soon?

What did the career path look like for a seasoned professional who has managed to accomplish ‘Y’ and still maintain a healthy level of work-life balance?  


Other Topics of Interest:

Building Personal Wealth, Mentorship, Networking, Entrepreneurship, and Life-Long Learning.


 What Forms of Content are Accepted?

Written articles or interviews are always welcome but we also encourage content submissions in the form of video, infographics, audio, and any other form that provides value to our audience.


Who Makes up the StartInPhx Audience?

StartInPhx generates content tailored towards professionals in the early stages of their career. Our audience can consist of students, recent graduates, individuals that have made a recent career change, or anyone else looking to grow their skill-set and professional capacity.


Tips for Guest Blogger Submissions

  1. Read our Blog: Be familiar with our style and what our audience expects.
  2. Consider the Audience: Tailor your message to the type of professionals that visit our blog.
  3. Stay on Message: Our readers are busy, only make your message as long as it needs to be.
  4. Give Credit: Check you facts and site your sources. External links are always helpful.
  5. Include Images: It is always best to include at least one high resolution image.
  6. Include Your Bio: If we haven’t published your work before, be sure to include a professional biography, your blog’s web address, your twitter handle, and other social media links.

Interested in Becoming a Regular Contributor?

All of our regular contributors start by submitting drafted content as a potential guest blogger. Once a good fit has been established, a guest blogger may be invited by StartInPhx to participate in our ongoing editorial plan.



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