[INTERVIEW] Drive Sales with Video

Drive Sales with Video

Even if You Fear the Camera
Have Zero Video-Tech Skills



The art of attracting new customers can be hard to master. This is especially the case if you don’t feel strong as a content producer, writer, salesperson, etc.

But – Then came Bobby Donohue

Once upon a time, two young kids got married and had the crazy idea to both quit corporate America, start a web design business, work from home so they could raise their kids together, and design lives of purpose.

They’ve never shied away from a crazy idea, because the only thing that really matters in this life is being happy. This is the story of Bobby Donohue and his beautiful wife.

Bobby has been working in digital marketing and design for decades. Over the last +20 years he’s owned and operated his own businesses in the space. In that time his services have shifted from a focus on website and brand design to the use of video for customer acquisition.

If you feel like the technical aspects of marketing have become a barrier that prevents you from connecting with your ideal customer, then this interview is exactly what you need.


As far as Bobby in concerned…


… You don’t need to have a polished presentation…

… You don’t need to be an experienced writer or video producer…


…In order to attract and connect with an audience of eager buyers.


Bobby teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage video (the most consumed channel of communication among digital audiences) to win new business, even if they have zero video-tech skills or are uncomfortable being on camera.



In this interview Bobby shares…

  • Some of his best tips for getting comfortable in front of the camera.
  • How business owners can ensure their videos get seen by the right people.
  • What kind of video businesses should be making for the greatest ROI.






Watch the full interview…


Driving Sales with Video + Kids & Entrepreneurship

Bobby hosts the hottest group on Facebook about using video to grow your business.

[You can click HERE to learn more and ask Bobby for his permission to join the party!]


Interview Highlights:

[2:30] How to Quit Your Corporate Job Without Losing Everything

[4:35] How Mindset Affects Your Day and How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

[9:40] How to Achieve Happiness Through Goal Setting as an Entrepreneurial Couple

[14:30] The Nature of Digital Business and One Way to Get Clients

[23:01] Inbound vs. Outbound and How to Adjust Your Tactics Accordingly

[27:50] How to Leverage a Facebook Groups for Client Acquisition

[31:15] The Nature of Bobby’s Course and How to Create Content for Your Audience

[35:55] How to Get Over Nervousness on Camera

[40:05] Different Kinds of Video and How to Drive Traffic to Each

[44:40] Inspiration From Mysterious Places and Why to Start a Business With Your Kids

[49:00] How Entrepreneurship Can be the Answer to Employment Woes

[56:33] Solid Gold Tips for Success in Business


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