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Brendan Alan Barrett

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What You'll Learn at This Live Video Event:

  1. How to show affection the way your family members need to receive it in order to feel your love the way that you mean it, even if your SELLER ways of thinking and talking have made this hard in the past. 
  2. How to support the members of your families both physically and emotionally, even if financial contribution is the only means of support you've ever been taught to understand.
  3. Step-by-step strategies you can use to help your significant other feel romantically fulfilled, even if romance wasn't given any level of importance in the household you grew up in. 
  4. Tips, trick, and hacks that will help you raise competent and creative, yet grounded kids even though you sometimes struggle to exude those qualities yourself. 

BONUS: When you submit a question to be answered at this LIVE event you'll also receive instant access to the DOUBLE MY REVENUE 7-Day Sales Challenge (...and Mini-Course).

Day 1 - Who Are You? / Why Do You Sell?

Day 2 - What Do You Sell? / What Should You Sell?

Day 3 - Who Should Buy From You?

Day 4 - What’s The Most Efficient Way for YOU to Engage New Prospects?

Day 5 - The Anatomy of a 6-Figure Discovery Session.

Day 6 - Asking for 6-Figures and Getting a ’YES!’

Day 7 - Life After The Sale (Every Sale as Brick in Building Your Empire)


* Important Note: due to technical restrictions the number of attendees for this video event

is strictly limited! Reserve your spot now and sign in to the event early to ensure your participation.