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You are REALLY, REALLY good at selling the thing you sell...

When you manage to get in front of your ideal client that is.

If only you could get face time with those kinds of people on a regular basis your revenues would be through the roof, right?

Well maybe you could if you worked longer hours...

BUT - You and your sales team have families waiting for you to be home every night for dinner, and then there's the kids' soccer practice after that every Wednesday.

You love your work and your family. One has no meaning without the other.

And still...

You're at a loss for how to be the ultimate provider, a rock star spouse, and a superhero in the eyes of your kids - all at the same time.

There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.

Yet you see people on Facebook who have some how managed to be all of those things and that's even more frustrating.

The Business of Family and Selling can help you out of that very rut and frustration.

The Business of Family and Selling is a podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher featuring the tactics and strategies heavy hitting family-first sellers (the ones on Facebook who seem to have it all) are using to drive revenue without working 25 hours a day or 8 days a week.

Subscribe today and learn more about how you can become a more efficient provider and more present member of your family every time you get into the car or go for run! 

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