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There are 2 Ways to Start Writing for StartInPhx

Barrett Development, LLC hires paid content creators, writers, and editors to work on projects for both StartInPhx and Barrett Development clients. Talent for paid positions within Barrett Development is pulled primarily from our pool of regular blog contributors and interns.


Want more information?
  1. Become a Guest Contributor
  2. 90-Day Content Marketing and Social Media Internship


Why write for StartInPhx? 
  1. You like writing about sales, marketing, business, and/or raising a family.
  2. You want to become better at writing about sales, marketing, business, and/or raising a family.
  3. You want to lean more about sales, marketing, business, and/or raising a family.
  4. You’re a budding freelance writer looking to build out a portfolio of writing samples you can shop to prospective clients.
  5. Barrett Development is a company you’d like to add as a paying client at some point.
  6. Backlinks from the posts you write plays to you SEO and/or content strategy.

Become a Guest Contributor

As a guest contributor for StartInPhx
you’ll be able to get your voice hear by our audience of family oriented business owners and sales professionals.  If you’re an established business owner, sales professional, marketer, or writer looking to get more exposure, being a guest contributor might be a great oppotunity for you.

If you’re not quiet established, instead you’re looking for experience and mentorship in the arena of creating and promoting content, our 90-Day Content Marketing and Social Media Internship might be a more fitting oppotunity for you

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What we’re looking for…

Actionable content that speaks to our audience. We like guest contributors to write articles that help moms, dads, husbands, and wives who lead sales teams as business owners or sales managers be rock stars at work and superheros in the eye of their kids and spouses.

A message. Just one message per article is all a reader can really handle. Edit your intro so that the point of your post is crystal clear.

Crazy simple direction. Don’t just tell readers they should do something. Break down the things they should to do into concrete and actionable steps they can execute today.

We love tips, tricks, hacks, and how-to’s business owners and sales managers can use to lead their teams so well that they don’t feel compelled bring work home with them and have it spill over into family time.

No self-promotion. Avoid promoting your tool or company in your post. Your author bio is a good place to do that.

A friendly voice. Say I, we, you. Write as if talking with a friend.

Not just text. Include high res images and embed video, audio, or infographics where relevant.

Credible advice and credit. Check your facts and quotations. Name your sources and link to their original form. Credit and backlinks give those quoted or referenced in your article the incentive to share your post when it goes live.



“StartInPhx is about best-practices in sales leadership, but that’s not what makes us different. Our differentiation comes from efficient sales leadership in service of our families. We’re about not simply being top-producing providers, but also a world-class parents and spouses. This is not a publication about grinding 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.”

– Brendan Alan Barrett


Still not sure what we want? 

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90-Day Content Marketing and Social Media Internship

What Barrett Development Interns Walk Away With:

  • The ability and confidence to network and prospect for freelancing client.
  • A body of writing samples you can shop to future clients (+/-12 over 90 days).
  • An engaged social media following that will feed you clients.
  • The ability to qualify potential customers and guide them through a sales process.
  • The confidence to ask potential clients for fees in line with the value you provide.
  • The ability to identify “problem-child” clients before the sale and the confidence to walk away.

Intern Commitments (Approx. 10 hrs./week):

  • Blog post of +1,500 words per week.
  • Promotion of said blog post (Tactics to be taught in weekly video call)

Barrett Development Commitments to Interns:

  • Ideation (We’ll provide the headlines and direction for the posts to be written)
  • Weekly coaching/training call.
  • Assignment and instruction for post to be written each week.
  • Feedback on previous writing.
  • Training on content promotion, professional networking, and sales prospecting best-practices.
  • Author bio on each intern written blog post with backlink.
  • StartInPhx promotion of your work.



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