[VIDEO] How to Overcome Your Fear of Sales

Squash Your Fear of Sales and Cold-Calling

(Even If You’re Not a People Person)

As part of the Elevate Pharmacy Summit, a virtual conference dedicated to helping pharmacists launch consulting businesses, I had a chance to discuss how new consultants can overcome the emotional toll and fear they experience when making the cold-calls required to get their business off the ground.

Similar to early stage entrepreneurs in any industry, these trained pharmacists are highly technical and skilled at their craft, but find it hard to sell their services simply because they don’t really know where to start or what the early signs of progress look like.


Here are just a few of the questions that get answered in this interview…
[1:55] What does successful cold-calling really look like?

[5:09] What’s the worst thing that can happen while cold-calling?

  • What is the real goal of prospecting activity? (HINT: It’s not to close new business)
  • What does adequate follow-up really look like?
  • How much follow-up is too much?
[30:39] When asking for referrals isn’t appropriate (or – just intimidates you) can you still tap into a contact’s personal network to sell smarter?


The Elevate Pharmacy Summit

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  • Impacting Quality Measures
  • Overcoming Billing Challenges
  • Building Profitable Programs with Replicable Business Models


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