[PODCAST] Make Money From Your Blog – Even Though Traffic is Sparse

Monetizing Blogs With ZERO Traffic

Blogging can be a great way to make money. We’ve all heard of countless people who are living life on their own terms, from their laptops, through blogging. It sounds like the perfect life!


PLUS –  It’s simple, right?!

STEP #1: Write some stuff.

STEP #2: Attract an audience.

STEP #3: Sell to that audience – OR- Sell that audience to the highest bidder (i.e. advertising, sponsorship, etc.).


BUT – Simple doesn’t mean easy…

Profitable blogs aren’t built overnight. They take time and effort to create and to build an audience around. There is ramping-up period that has to take place. If you’re starting your first blog there is a lot to be learned about exactly how to build the things and then attract readers.

Of course, if you’re interested in making an income from a blog you’d probably prefer to start making money as soon as possible. For one reason or another the ramping-up period I’ve mentioned doesn’t exactly give you a comforting feeling – does it?

If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. Making money from your blog while still building up to the critical mass needed to attract advertising revenue and sponsors, or to make affiliate marketing a profitable endeavor, is exactly what Pete McPherson and I talk about on a episode of his podcast, Do You Even Blog?


Want to learn how I’ve managed to monetize my blog even while traffic was nearly non-existent?

Sit back, relax, and click below to listen to Pete and I discuss just that.



Listen to the full interview…

Make Money From Your Blog – Even with Virtually Zero Traffic



Interview Highlights:

[8:47] Why Selling is Important No Matter What You Do

[9:52] Where and How to Learn Sales and Public Speaking

[13:42] Effective Cold Outreach and How to Streamline the Process

[15:43] How to Monetize Your Blog (Part I)

[16:41] Overcome Your Fears of Sales and Cold Outreach

[20:00] The Upside of Losing Email Subscribers to the UNSUBSCRIBE button

[23:50] Getting Started in Content Marketing When You Don’t Even Know What Content to Create

[29:44] Podcast vs. Facebook Live – Where should you be?

[36:18] How to Have a Career Without Sacrificing Time With Family

[41:50] How to Prepare for Opportunity

[44:40] How to Monetize a Blog (Part II)

[56:17] Some Pros and Cons of Content Creation



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