[PODCAST] How Millennials Can Convert More Baby Boomers into Customers

How Millennial Salespeople Can Close More Baby Boomers Prospects

A while back I was talking with a friend about the challenges millennials face in selling to baby boomers. This particular friend sells insurance to insurance companies. Talk about being a pro at the complex sale…

Anyway – That discussion turned into an article for the Sales Gravy blog on how millennials can most successfully convert baby boomers into customers, and that article has led to multiple podcast interviews.

The first interview was on the Boomer Home Companion podcast a few months back, but I recently received permission to publish an uncut version of that interview: my entire phone call with the show’s host, Allan Holender.

From my answer of Allan’s call to the point in which we hang-up the phone, this conversation is packed from start to finish with actionable ways you can convert more prospects into customers regardless of how old you or your salespeople are, relative to your idea clientele.



Listen to the full interview…




How Millennials Can Convert More Baby Boomers into Customers


Interview Highlights:

[1:26] Millennial salespeople and boomers who have become entrepreneurs later in life face similar challenges as first-time sellers.

[3:43] How the preference of millennials to interact over technology rather than in-person is an example of how similar they are to older generations, than it is an example of their differences.

[7:58] How the generational differences in preferred communication styles can be used to the advantage of sellers.

[10:27] How to build rapport and personal connection with buyers of different generations.

[13:18] What old-fashion sales tactics should we still be using to establish rapport with prospects of any age.

[16:10] The aspects of selling that seem new, that are in fact reinventions of what has always been. How to not waste time trying to reinvent the wheel, and instead beat your competition to market.

[17:50] Verbal diarrhea. It happens, but whose fault is it?

[20:28] How baby boomers can better convert millennials into customers


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