[PODCAST] Grow Your Freelance Business FAST!

Building Momentum in Business and Personal Finance

I was recently asked to be a guest on Amanda Abella‘s podcast, Make Money Your Honey. Over the course of the interview we had a chance to discuss a lot about life but even more about business.

We started by talking about my journey to becoming debt free, what motivated me to be done with debt, and how a I built up the momentum to pay off my last $20,000 in just 10 months.

On the business side of things, we had a chance to break down the best-practices of sales and prospecting I’ve learned over the years. From tips on how to overcome the fear of making cold-calls to how first time sellers can uncover the messaging that converts prospects into customers most consistently, we covered a lot of ground.

If you’re a freelancer in search of ways to grow you client roster so that you can quit your day job, this interview is a MUST LISTEN!

Listen to the full interview…


Interview Highlights:

[1:20] How to build momentum and pay off student debt fast.

[11:20] How a new business can start generating sales even before it has a marketing budget.

[15:01] How selling to baby boomers versus millennials is very different and also very much the same.

[22:36] The one piece of wisdom anyone getting into business or sales needs to hear.

[25:11] How newbie freelancers can become comfortable with selling so that they can land more clients.

[27:07] The role sales prospecting REALLY plays in your marketing strategy. (HINT: Prospecting is not selling. You should never ask for someone’s business while prospecting.)

[27:50] What sales prospecting actually looks like for a freelancer and how much follow-up you should be doing.

[29:43] How freelancers can start building sales momentum toward ever growing revenue.

[32:35] Formulas guaranteed to grow a freelancer’s client roster.

[40:29] Secrets to overcoming the debt that is keeping you at a job you hate.

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