[PODCAST] Positioning Yourself for More Competitive Bidding in the AE Industry

Position Yourself for More Competitive Bidding in the AE Industry

Using Direct Purchase Opportunities

In the architecture, engineering, and construction industry (A/E/C) the red-tape of formal bidding procedures can present challenges for newly founded engineering firms and construction companies. Direct purchasing on the other hand provides opportunity to these same firms and their personnel by way of padding the company’s strained cash-flow and their staff’s resumes.

Projects funded through direct purchasing are typically smaller than those pursued in the traditional bidding process, but they allow for shorter turn-around and quicker pay-outs. This can be a great benefit to younger firms challenged by cash-flows shortages between payments from larger projects.

For more information on how the pursuit of direct purchasing opportunities can keep firms healthy in the short-term and allow them to be increasingly competitive as bidders in the long-term, have a listen to my interview with Anthony Fasano on The Civil Engineering Podcast.




Listen to the full interview…

Leveraging Direct Purchase Opportunities to Become a More Competitive Bidder


Interview Highlights:

[6:22] What is Direct Purchasing, Who is Using Direct Purchasing to Fund Projects, and What Opportunity Does Direct Purchasing Give to Contractors and Civil Engineering Firms.

[9:09] Finding Direct Purchase Opportunities as a Civil Engineer or Contractor.

[11:44] Who Benefits From Direct Purchasing?

[14:12] What are the Long-Term Benefits to Connecting With Clients Through Direct Purchasing.

[19:31] Win Direct Purchase Funded Work Without Wasting Time or Money.




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