READ WRITE DO for Professional Development

The practice of READ WRITE DO is an approach to professional development that recognizes reading as a method of discovery, writing as an exercise in reflection, and real-life application of new concepts as a necessity to achieving mastery in any discipline.



Reading is essential to learning and developing as a professional. Through reading we can be exposed to ideas no one in our everyday life would have brought to our attention.

Reading trade-magazines and blogs are important because they are timely, able to be produced and consumed at the speed of ever changing industry trends.

Of course, not even a well-researched paper published in a respected journal can’t match depth of perspective someone can attain by reading a well written book. For this reason, variety in reading is important.



Just as important as reading on a regular basis, writing regularly is crucial to the development of a person’s career. Not only will putting pen to paper – or working a keyboard- on a daily basis help to sharpen your skills as communicator but the process of writing will help you articulate more complete ideas about the world.



While reading and writing are at the foundation of gaining exposure and understanding on new concepts, practical application is the true test of mastery. Only by applying what has been read about and testing hypothesis developed through reflective writing can a person really know where they stand in regards to skill or knowledge level.


The Interconnectedness of READ WRITE DO

It goes without saying that there is a world of knowledge available to a person that can read. Very few people, however, make a conscious effort to seek new ideas through the written word. And by writing about what we read a person is more likely to retain what is read and has the opportunity to synthesis the knowledge into original thought.

But by putting new knowledge into action we have more to reflect on in our writing and we develop interests that drive our reading and so the cycle begins.


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Also discussed in the READ WRITE DO Professional Development and Career Success Playbook:

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READ WRITE DO also includes a variety of exercises, tools, and templates to help you define the purpose of your career, properly set career goals, develop a professional development plan, and incorporate the practice of READ WRITE DO into your daily life. In all, this single book is capable of jump-starting your career progress and helping you reach you highest levels of achievement in the shortest amount of time.


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