002: Build Relationships And Generate Sales Without Being Salesy

Pushing your kids in their passions can be difficult, and keeping a long-term relationship strong can be a struggle.

Sales for those who aren’t well versed in the art of sales can be a definite challenge.

Landon Porter has been selling for 15 years in two different industries. He’s a rebel black sheep: he follows his own path.

Landon’s journey sheds light on what it takes to have a long-term relationship and kids, and it illustrates how to sell to those who are qualified without being sales-y.



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Generate Sales Without Being Salesy


Interview Highlights:


[6:10] Understanding Selfishness And Selflessness To Be In A Relationship Without Sacrificing Your Personal Growth

[13:50] Tips On How To Keep Your Relationship Strong Without Aggression Or Confrontation

[18:25] How To Combat The Three Main Issues That Couples Face

[26:30] Teenagers: What Are They Supposed To Be Into And What Are They Not Supposed To Be Into?

[34:45] How To Push Your Kids Towards Success Without Losing Their Love And Respect

[40:25] How To Support Your Kids’ Passions Without Turning Them Off Of Them Or Burning Them Out

[42:50] Sales Tips For Those Who Aren’t Salespeople

[52:00] The Secret To Finding Qualified Prospects And Selling To Them The Right Way

More About Landon Porter:

Native of Colorado, father of 2, Husband to one. Selling for 15 years in 2 industries, well over $100MM in sales. Landon is a rebel, black sheep. He follows his own path.

Learn More About Landon at bit.ly/GORILLAJUICE

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