[PODCAST] Sales Prospecting Secrets for Entrepreneurs and Non-Sales Professionals

Secrets to Sales Prospecting Success

For Entrepreneurs and Non-Sales Professionals


If you’re new to it or still just flirting with the idea of entrepreneurship, self employment and/or  side-hustling the thought of having to go out into the world and generate leads that eventually turn into sales can be overwhelming.


You might be thinking…

Where do I start?

How do I convince people to buy my stuff?

Can I really make enough money without being a salesy jerk?


Well, here are a few short answers for you…

Right where you are.

You don’t have to.




OK – So maybe that doesn’t answer all of your questions. For more insight on how to start generating leads and actual sales as a first-time seller, entrepreneur, or side-hustler you should definitely give my interview with Chris Spurvey on the It’s Time to Sell podcast a listen.



Listen to the full interview…

Lead-Gen 101 for Entrepreneurs and Non-Salespeople


Interview Highlights:

[1:48] Who is Brendan Alan Barrett and StartInPhx.com.

[4:31] How an introvert gets into sales and grows a book of business from $0 to 7-figures a year.

[7:57] The biggest barrier entrepreneurs face in growing their book of business from nothing to something and beyond.

[9:30] The non-salesy close ever first-time seller needs to learn in order free themselves of the anxiety they feel when asking a prospect to buy.

[10:13] BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Permission Marketing: Turing Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers. 

[12:08] The mindset shift that allows an introverted and sales-averse entrepreneur to start attracting leads and new customers.

[12:49] The underlying purpose prospecting serves in your business that a good entrepreneur might forget, but that a great entrepreneur will never overlook.

[13:20] Three prospecting tactics all early-stage entrepreneurs should be using in concert to pin-point the most effective ways of delivering their marketing messages as they scale the business.

[13:49] The cadence and persistent of effective prospecting and cold-calling is more involved and methodical than first-time sellers often realize.

[17:36] The mechanics of a successful B2B sales process early-stage entrepreneurs are overlooking, and it’s costing them dearly.

[19:05] How to grow a personal brand that bolsters sales success for entrepreneurs.

[23:19] The role of niche branding at the various stages of a growing a personal brand.

[25:00] Tools and techniques for working out the unique details of your own brand.

[26:28] How to prospect from success so that you can sell smarter instead of harder with every at-bat.




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