001: Juggle Your Job and a Side Hustle Without Neglecting The Ones Who Make It all Worthwhile

Are you concerned about the implications of a career in sales and entrepreneurship on your family life?

This is the podcast for you. Alex Barker helps pharmacists and healthcare professionals find inspiring work, he paid off his house in three years, and he runs three businesses on the side (while still working full time). He helps busy professionals create inspiring careers and businesses, and he helps pharmacists break free from the mundane “pill-flipping” life. Alex is a full-time pharmacist, media company founder, franchise owner, business coach, speaker, and author.

In this podcast we’ll explore the concepts of entrepreneurship, selling, and being a seller while still being a family-first oriented professional.



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Juggle Your Job and a Side Hustle Without Neglecting Family


Interview Highlights:

[4:05] Entrepreneurship: A Model for Raising Happy, Healthy, and Can-Do Kids

[6:05] The True Advantage Of Hustling That Could Save You Money And Time

[12:25] Maximize The Time You Spend With Your Family Without Loosing Revenue

[18:00] How to Change Your Mindset For The Better So That You Aren’t Overwhelmed By Stress

[22:10] Steps to Living A Life Of Giving

[31:00] Tips To Staying The Course: Hustle Without Burning-Out Just Before The Pay Off

[35:25] The One Thing That’s and Absolute Must For Any Successful Business or Side Hustle

[41:00] How To Get The Relationships You Need And Stop Rushing What You Want

[43:30] Juggling Your Job and a Side Hustle Without Neglecting The Loved Ones Who Make It all Worthwhile

[52:42] The Truth About Quality Time With Your Kids No One Is Talking About


More About Alex Barker:

Alex Barker is obsessed with helping pharmacists create inspiring lives and careers; specifically by turning passions and strengths into businesses or new careers.

Alex wasn’t always a happy pharmacist. A few years ago, he was a miserable pharmacist.

He hated his job. His manager and a few coworkers despised him. He found his coworkers spread lies about him. He feared for his livelihood as he thought he could lose his job any day.

There were nights Alex came home from work wondering if he needed to sell his families home and start looking for another job. He doubted in his ability to actually be a pharmacist because of his coworkers daily questioning of his competence.

Alex felt like he joined the wrong profession. He felt ensnared in a black hole of doubt and disappointment. He felt like pharmacy was a profession that wouldn’t satisfy his creative desires. Alex also felt like he couldn’t support his family if he left the profession.

Alex, like thousands of pharmacists, found himself miserable and desperately wanting change.

In 2012, he began his journey to entrepreneurship as a “side hustler.” Since then, Alex has helped hundreds of other professionals create and grow side hustle businesses, and more recently Alex has helped dozens of pharmacists change to better careers and start businesses that create more freedom and income.

Learn More at TheHappyPharmD.com


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