[VIDEO] Grow Your Social Media Engagement and Sales in 5 Minutes a Day

Your Social Media
Engagement & Sales
In Just 5 Minutes a Day


Chris Spurvey has generated more than $300M in revenue. He is also a husband, a father, and the author of It’s Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set.

In about 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, Chris implements one simple tactic to drive a huge volume of sales annually. This same activity helps him develop business for consulting giant KPMG (His full-time gig) as well as his personally branded online sales training program, Successful Sales System (His side business).




The one thing Chris does in under 5 minutes every day is reach out to 3 new connections via social media to propose an intro call. Chris uses LinkedIn specifically, but his tactics can be used on other platforms as well.


Too easy, right?


The real magic is in Chris’ approach (view the video below for all the details). Out of the 15 new connections Chris reaches out to each week, 8 or so turn into actual phone calls.


In this interview with Chris Spurvey…

  • How he gets more than half of the people he connects with to take his call.
  • How the people he talks to over the phone turn into his most engaged social media followers and email subscribers.
  • How reaching out to just 3 people a day is why his LinkedIn and blog articles hit +2,500 views as soon as they are published.


Get all the details you need to see similar results by watching the video below.





Watch the full interview…

Social Media Engagement + $300M in Sales + Fatherhood and Marriage


Interview Highlights:

[7:35] How Sales Can Change Your Life

[10:00] What it Takes to Succeed in Sales

[13:30] What are the Primary Similarities and Differences in B2B and B2C Selling?

[15:00] Why Your Personal Brand is Everything

[21:15] How to Multitask in Business Effectively Without Affecting Your Quality

[25:50] Where and How to Building Your Audience

[28:40] How to Grow Your Social Media Engagement Even When The Rules Seem to Change Every Week

[32:24] How to Determine a Winning Target Audience

[37:00] Sell Without Pitching by Starting With Content

[42:14] How to be a Successful Entrepreneur and a Successful Parent

[49:45] Defining Boundaries in Relationships With Your Partner and Your Children

[56:00] How Important is Consistency and What That Means in Family and in Business


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