003: The Blueprint To Turn Your Ideas Into Income And To Make Money In A Meaningful Way

Do you want to make money your own way?

Making money with meaning is difficult to do in today’s world. Being ambitious and motivated is not easy. Making money and starting a business is especially difficult for millennials; many millennials are surrounded by broke and unhappy people, but Hector was able to help create a community comprised of those who are excited about pursuing their passions.

Hector Santiesteban was born and raised in California, he went to sales and entrepreneurship as a way to forge his own path, had seven figures of revenue for three years in a row before moving out into the digital space, and his mission now is to help young entrepreneurs acquire the skills necessary to succeed in 2017 and beyond.

Listen to find out how he can help you!

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Make Money In A Meaningful Way


Interview Highlights:

[5:15] Find Out What Can Help Millennials Succeed When Success Seems Impossible

[8:58] How To Utilize And Monetize Your Passion To Create An Income And Help Those In Need

[14:48] Sales Can Be Difficult, Find Out The First Step Necessary For First Time Sellers

[21:14] How To Survive Major Milestones In A Relationship Without Sacrificing Your Happiness

[29:08] How To Compromise And Make Sure Each Member Of A Relationship Gets The Love They Deserve

[33:32] What To Do To Help Process Information And Keep Your Thoughts Organized

[42:38] How To Pull Your Head Out Of The Work You’re Consumed With Without Sacrificing Revenue

[51:09] The Blueprint To Turn Your Ideas Into Income And To Make Money In A Meaningful Way

More About Hector Santiesteban:

Hector is a entrepreneur whose purpose it to help Millennials have more money and more meaning in their lives. He lives in Southern California and graduated with a marketing degree in 2013 from a top West Coast business school. After graduating he’s spent the seven years building a direct sales organization.

Learn More at MillennialSkills.com


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