[PODCAST] How to Close Bigger Sales as an Entrepreneur

Increase revenue with improved decision making and by delighting your clients.

When I was interviewed by Sonia Thompson for the I Am The One: Entrepreneur Edition podcast we talked at length about the business of selling.

For a lot of businesses sales is just one of many components and responsibilities that make up the larger organization.

If you’re like me however, you run a sales organization, consult, or train others to sell better, then sales is your business. It’s not just a small cog in the larger machine. You sell to keep working and the work itself is the work of sales.

Too meta for you?

For first-time and novice sellers (i.e. early-stage entrepreneurs, rookie salespeople, etc.) the business of sales can be overwhelming.

There is a lot to learn and the nuance that separates successful implementation of best-practices from a complete hatchet-job can be tough to distinguish.

In my conversation with Sonia Thompson we boil it down to the three characteristics all successful salespeople and business leaders share:

  1. Grit: The ability to persevere and trade novelty for nuance.
  2. Honest and genuine intent.
  3. A curious mind, eager to solve problems.


Listen to the full interview…



Systems for closing bigger sales , making better decisions, and effectively dealing with difficult clients.


Interview Highlights:

[3:36] Brendan Alan Barrett versus Barrett Development versus StartInPhx. Where each starts and ends, and where they all intersect.

[5:39] The universal value-add I provide to all of my clients.

[8:18] A turning point and leap into full-time entrepreneurship. How I realized I could be the one to help other entrepreneurs hit their sales targets without fail.

[11:02] The biggest barrier in mindset that early-stage entrepreneurs face (impostor syndrome) and how to overcome it.

[14:09] How making one simple activity a regular part of your week will keep you from making emotionally charged decisions during moments of high stress.

[16:05] How to foresee big decisions so that you aren’t surprised by them, so that you can prepare for them, and so you know how to proceed without your judgment being clouded in the moment.

[18:58] The benefits and realities of a permission-guided journaling practice in the life of an entrepreneur.

[20:31] The keys to staying in tune with the needs of your clients and how you can most successfully sell to them.

[23:15] When and why you should turn-down work or a potential sale.

[26:01] GRIT: The super-power of being able to trade novelty for nuance and dive deeper into the rabbit hole of your craft.

[27:05] Why it’s clear that good intention and curiosity is at the core of the world’s most successful business leaders.


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