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Passive Income

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It seems like a lot of people talk about the power of real estate investing, right?

Could so many people really know what they’re actually talking about?

The truth is that some talk about real estate investing as spectators from the sidelines while Brian Davis on the other hand, he’s a real estate and rental industry expert who’s owned dozens of properties over his career.

You could say he’s had a bit of experience in the space.

Recently Brian and his business partner, Denise have been featured on Forbes, US News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and dozens of other publications.

Their work together includes publishing a series of educational resources for property owners to SparkRental.com and SnapLandlord.com.

SnapLandlord.com is home to a free mini-course for parents interested in generating passive income from rental properties.

If you’ve ever had questions about how you can benefit from the investment or cash flow potential of real estate then this interview with Brian is something you’ll really appreciate.




Watch the full interview…


Travel the World on Passive Income


Interview Highlights:

[3:47] Travel the World by Reaping the Benefits of Passive Income

[7:13] Live 100% off Passive Income Through Any Economic Cycle

[12:23] Reach Your Unique Audience Using One Proven Principle

[16:19] How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Paid-Traffic

[20:06] Strategy to Grow Your Customer Base and Revenue 10x

[22:05] Get Higher Returns On Your Ads Fast

[26:51] How to Live Happily with Your Risk-Adverse Partner While Remaining a Top Seller

[30:27] Plow Through Roadblocks and Build a Trailblazing Company

[34:17] How Your Relationship Can Profit from Each Partner’s Strengths

[37:06] How to Live Abroad While Growing Your Family

[40:08] Why Passive Income Is Your Best Path to Financial Independence

[43:35] Parenthood: A Career and Investment Advantage

[51:24] Quickly Build $1000 Per Month of Passive Income

[60:17] How to Stay Motivated with Your Business and Relationships


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Brendan Alan Barrett

Brendan Alan Barrett is a top sales producer who has generated millions of dollars in revenue.

In addition to running his own sales organization in the civil engineering and construction industry, Brendan provides coaching and training to sales teams and business owners. His practice focuses on identifying, prioritizing, and winning the attention of prospects that can be turned into sales quickly.

In doing so, Brendan helps his clients to generate revenue and customer testimonials that fuel more scalable and less labor intensive business development efforts for year-over-year growth.

As the founder of StartInPhx.com and host of The Business of Family and Selling podcast Brendan interviews moms, dads, husbands, and wives who work in sales or run their own businesses. Each interview unpacks the very best in strategies and tactics family-first sellers can use to grow their books of business without losing their status as a rock stars at home.

While originally from the Chicagoland area, Brendan started his sales and marketing career in Southern California before relocating to Arizona.

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